A dripping tap wastes at least 5,500 litres of water a year, this is enough to fill a paddling pool every week for the whole summer. Also it may lead to severe and costly water damage in your home.

It is very important to check for leaks around your house including:

  • Washing machine leaks – Excessive wear could indicate a leak could develop soon.

  • Dishwasher leaks – Can be checked by removing the front panel and inspecting if there are any wet spots beneath

  • Sink leaks – Within the plumbing fixtures (usually in a cabinet) check the area for dripping water

  • Toilet leaks – Check for water around the toilet base and for mould around the tank.

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With time your plumbing, such as taps and pipes will wear out, this is unavoidable. As soon as you spot the first sign of an issue you need to act fast! We are just one call away to arrange for an emergency plumber to come and help you.

Ways to reduce the risk of a leaky tap and save water:

  • Washing up by hand uses up more water than a modern dishwasher, as long as it is full before you press start

  • A bath normally uses around 80 litres, however a short shower takes a third of that amount. You can also reuse bath water for your house plants or garden!

  • Instead of running the tap for ages waiting for the cold water to come through, leave a jug of tap water in the fridge until it is cold enough.

  • Do not put cotton balls, makeup tissue, even dead insects such as spiders in the toilet! They go in the bin.

  • Garden hoses and sprinklers use a huge amount of water, changing to a watering can or fitting a trigger gun can control the flow and use less water.

  • Your roof every year collects around 85,000 litres of rain, don’t put it to waste! Use this water to water your plants or wash your car.